Drain Cleaning Services

Drains experience wear and tear. The gradual build-up of grease, oils and food scraps can have a negative effect on the efficiency of your drains resulting in slow drainage, blocked drains, bad smells, and hygiene hazards.

At Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting, we offer regular maintenance cleaning, emergency assistance with a blockage or bad smell, and a one-off clean as a precaution. Our expert team will take care of all your drain issues.

We have been providing Drain Cleaning Services for many years.  Our experienced team utilizes a number of ways to clear away dirt and debris that may have built up over time. The methods use includes:

  • Electro-Mechanical Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Conventional Rodding

Drain Excavation work

Drain excavations are necessary if the damage done to the drain is great. Here at Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting, we try to restrict the impact of drain excavations by using advanced machinery and equipment to evaluate and repair the drain where possible.

When the drain requires to be excavated, our skilled workers will work to limit the impact to you. We will first discover the cause of the problem. After that, we will begin the excavation work. In this way, there will be less time spent on digging.

Why you should check your Drains regularly?

The many benefits of keeping a regular check on your drains include:

It eliminates bacteria

A clogged drain is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. The standing water can be contaminated with bacteria. Cleaning your drain will remove the bacteria and reduce the risk of illness. A thorough cleaning of your pipes and drains requires professional drain experts to make sure you all the bacteria is eliminated.

Reduce Odors

A blocked drain can cause bad odors if they are not dealt with quickly. These odors will make your home smell quite bad. This problem requires immediate professional assistance as the unpleasant smell is hard to ignore. In order to solve this issue, all rotting food particles and layers of grease must be eliminated from the drains.

Save Money

If you don’t get your drain problem sorted out, it will mean more expenses. So a wise decision would be to call for professional Drain Cleaning Services to save money and avoid paying several times in the future.

How to unblock a Drain?

If you feel that your drain isn’t that badly blocked, you can try to unblock it yourself. Once you realize your drain is blocked, make sure no water goes into it. Moreover, wear protective clothes which include gloves, before you try to unblock the drain.

It is preferred to use a rod to clear the drain blockage. It may take several minutes in your attempt to unblock the drain. More importantly, after the drain has been cleared, give it a good flush so that it washes away any remaining debris.

Why choose Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting?

Jenyns & Jenyns offer the best Drain Cleaning Services at affordable prices. Our innovative and effective methods of cleaning drains will unblock your drains and get them to running smoothly again. We set high standards for our work ensuring customers’ satisfaction.