Driveway Construction

Residential Driveway

A residential driveway must be properly constructed to add value to your property. A driveway that is properly designed and constructed will provide you with many years of service with no maintenance required.

The homeowner’s decision to pave their driveway is at times made several years after his home is built and incorporates an existing gravel, asphalt or crushed stone driveway. There are few unique considerations for these three types of driveways.

If you are a homeowner that has an existing aggregate or gravel driveway, this article will act as a guiding tool. Get to know the necessary steps needed to pave over the existing driveway with asphalt.

Choosing a Contractor

It is imperative that you hire a reputable and reliable asphalt contractor who is experienced enough in Driveway Construction. Any contractor who goes door-to-door with a truck loaded with asphalt and is willing to offer you a reasonable price is neither a competent or reliable contractor.

A homeowner should ideally have a contract that clearly mentions the utility protection, sub grade preparation, drainage, base construction, and asphalt course.
Homeowners usually do not have the assistance of trained inspectors, strict specifications and the technical mastery that the public contracting agencies have at their end to control the project.

The following tips will help you in finding the right contractor for your best possible Driveway Construction.

  • Choose only the well-reputed and high-quality contractor which is known for its quality work.
  • Secondly, obtain a proposal from more than one contractor to make sure all are bidding on the same type of mix and construction.
  • Thirdly, visit pavement projects built by the particular contractors to see and judge their work so you can know whether you would like the same type of work to be done on your driveway.
  • Make sure that the thickness agreed on is minimum compacted thickness.
  • Lastly, the contract should be a written one in addition to any guarantee offered by the contractor.

Design Considerations

When designing a driveway, certain considerations are required to be made by the owner of the property. Firstly, how wide should be the driveway? Generally, the minimum width is 8 feet. However, if you want a wider driveway to accommodate more cars then that it is up to you. A 10-foot wide driveway accommodates one car. So if you want to accommodate two cars, the driveway should be 20 feet.

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