Farm Maintenance Projects

Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting is fully equipped to bring your farm back into the best possible shape. From the garden to the boundary fence, no job is too big or small for us. We have the latest machinery and equipment to offer you the best Farm Maintenance services.

Our expert and experienced staff ensure your satisfaction.

Your farm needs to be well-maintained in order to keep producing good output. With regular maintenance and care, we can keep your farm to continue to function smoothly.

Here are the Farm Maintenance services offered by us.


Do your fences require repair work? Do you want to enhance your property with a feature post and rail fence? Here at Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting, we offer fence repair work or installation with the best possible designs to make your property stand out.

Our skilled staff has years of experience in both fence installation and repair whether it is an electric fence or a full rural fence. Our experienced workers are equipped with the latest machinery to get the job done efficiently.

Moreover, we also assist our clients with padlock and yard design whether it is for a dog or sheep and cattle. We offer free professional advice for your Farm Maintenance. Our services are provided at affordable prices.

We will design a fence that fits perfectly to your requirements.

Water and Irrigation

We know that water is a precious resource. Our irrigation services include fixing all the water leakages to setting up a proper irrigations system for garden beds and orchards. Also, we can install rural water lines and troughs.

Log Splitting and Chainsawing

The constant falling of tree limbs and wood debris requires tidying up. Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting provides farm experts to chainsaw up any fallen wood. This tidying up can be for the purpose of general farm maintenance or to stock up woodpile for the winter season.

We have the required log splitter used for splitting bigger wood.

Bush Fire service

In the summertime, the threat of bushfire is always at the back of mind. Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting is fully equipped to offer you bushfire services. This includes brush cutters, chainsaws, tractor slasher, and industrial front deck mower.

Our bushfire experts are fully trained in personal and team safety, fire suppression methods, first aid, and vehicle drive on and off road. We will prepare your property in spring in addition to the regular maintenance work up to and including summer season.

Just give us a call if you need our service.

Hire Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting

We have an extensive range of excavator sizes, bulldozers, trucks, and rollers in addition to all the equipment and experience needed to meet all Farm Maintenance project requirements, be it large or small, in the residential, commercial or rural area.

If you want your farm to be in tip-top shape throughout all seasons, you’ve come to the perfect place. Our Farm Maintenance staff is experienced and reliable. We offer the best service at affordable prices.