Quarry Ripping

A quarry is a type of open-pit mine in which rock, construction, aggregate, gravel or slate is excavated from the ground.

What’s a drilling contractor?

Drilling Contractor drills the well, supplying the rig, and crew. The crew includes tool pushers, roughnecks, drillers, and other staff that are less skilled.

Quarry Blasting

Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting provide Drilling Contractors for Quarry ripping and blasting services. We achieve the effective design, drilling, loading, monitoring and firing off blasts using the latest machinery and equipment. Our experienced Drilling Contractors have the expertise to carry out quarry ripping.

The optimum blasting results are achieved through an understanding of quarry rock formations, detailed blast design, and superior quality emulsion explosives which results in achieving blasting fragmentation at the lowest possible cost.

Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting offers a single point of contract for blasting, drilling, and technical support. Hence, taking full responsibility and accountability for blast outcomes.

Blasting services

Here at Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting, we are the leading company for providing blasting services for quarries, mines and construction sites. Our services include blast design, drilling, load and fire, and technical support etc.

Our customers receive direct hands-on support from experienced manager, competent engineers, and skilled Shotfirers. We are equipped with many explosives’ delivery trucks and a fleet of utilities as well. All of this ensures rapid response to each customer’s needs.

The strict adherence to a set of safety procedures makes sure of the safety of all the blasting work.

Our latest products enable improved rock fragmentation and decreased blasting costs.

Rock Quarries

Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting offer Quarry ripping programs for the aggregate industry. We understand that each quarry has its own unique requirements which are specific to its operation. Moreover, we provide each quarry with a specialized analysis. This analysis determines the specific needs of the quarry. After that, we make a customized blasting program to fit those requirements.

Our Quarry ripping program address:

  • Safety
  • Fast reliable service
  • Geological analysis
  • Plant capacity

Blasting, drilling, and ripping are fundamental processes in just about any quarry and aggregate operation. However, it takes the right machines to perform these necessary tasks time after time without any disruption in the middle of a project.

Why choose Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting?

If you need contractors and service providers whom you can trust to offer you the best Quarry ripping services, then you should only work with our Drilling Contractors. Our skilled and experienced staff will provide you with quality work and great service. We have a great reputation in offering our customers the best possible service.

Jenyns & Jenyns have extensive experience in farming and rural excavation services in New Zealand. We know the importance of your land and the facilities you use to run your business. Our Drilling Contractors offer an exceptional level of workmanship at a reasonable price and that is why our farming and rural customers prefer us.

Our staff is highly dedicated, skilled and experienced in Quarry ripping services. The Drilling Contractors at Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting are equipped with the latest excavation equipment ensuring the work is done effectively.