Shed Sites

Shed Site Preparation

Deciding to construct a new storage shed? Make sure you do not neglect the ground the building sit on as it is just as important as the structure itself. Pressure treated floors will help to extend the life of a shed. However, to get the full lifespan out of your shed, you need to do more.

Here at Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting, we offer you the best shed site preparation. Whether you want to choose a gravel or concrete base, our experts will ensure an aesthetically pleasing base with a solid foundation so that it can last for years.

Following are the steps are taken to prepare your Shed site.

Site Evaluation

First and foremost, a location needs to be chosen for the shed pad. After that, Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting will provide you the experts for the Site Evaluation. These experts will then determine what and how will they create the best looking shed with a solid structure to boost with.

Border Installation

After you have decided your shed pad location, our team of experts will begin the installation work. Firstly, the grass is removed from that area and shed pad borders are installed. With special brackets and stakes, the borders are secured to each other and to the ground as well.

Dirt Compaction

After getting done with the border installation, it’s time to use a power compactor to tamp the ground. This is done to prevent any settling in the gravel after the placement of the shed pad. In the case of the dirt under the pad is not compacted, it can result in an uneven surface for your structure.

Manual Dirt Compaction

So to address the problem, our skilled workers in addition to the use of the power compactor, manually tamps the edges and corners of the pad. This results in uniformed dirt compaction over the entire area. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the surface of the structure being uneven.

Landscape Fabric

Our professional workers install a layer of landscaping fabric. This is done to make your shed free from weeds permanently. So you don’t have to spend extra money on dealing with weeds in order to maintain your shed.

Fill borders with Gravel

Now that the ground is successfully tamped, leveled and protected from weeds, it’s time to fill the area with crushed gravel.

Gravel Compaction

In this step, we again require the use of power compactor to tamp the gravel down. What this does is create a level and solid surface. Therefore, your shed will stay compact for years to come.

Install the New Shed

Yes, your shed site is now fully prepared. But, wait, there is just one more thing left to do. And that is to install the shed onto your new level. There you have it. Your shed pad is pleasing to the eyes along with the solid structure.

Hire Us for your Shed Site

Jenyns & Jenyns Contracting has an abundance of experience in Shed sites. Our workers are thorough professionals. If you are looking for a Shed site contractor, just give us a call and our team will visit you for the Site Evaluation and then begin the installation.